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With the core value in conducting the TRR Groups businesses passed down through generations with an aim to continually improve our production efficiency as well as to support and encourage farmers and the communities to solve the problems of labour shortage and high cost of machinery import, Thai Roong Ruang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 to invent, develop and manufacture machinery parts and accessories as well as to carry out the repair and maintenance services for sugarcane harvesters, machines, tractors, wheel loaders and fork-lift trucks.

Additionally, we have continually conducted research and development in the machinery industry. The sugarcane contamination-removal system is one of our technological innovations, which is created to help increase the efficiency of sugar production process and reduce cost for farmers in order to meet the company objectives.

Currently, we manufacture and sell the well-modified sugarcane harvesters suitable for Thai environment which provide various advantages for sugarcane production. Obviously, the harvesters can help farmers to solve insufficient workforce problem and also reduce contamination and dirt in sugarcane which are the crucial causes of the decrease in sugar production yields. This contamination problem is the cause of low cane price calculated under the benefit-sharing system (70:30), which means the farmers will gain less earnings. Moreover, using sugarcane harvesters can reduce sugarcane burning, resulting in the reduction of global warming.

Nowadays, Thai Roong Ruang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. still keep focusing on technological development in machinery industry for creating and producing high quality and innovative products, particularly the sugarcane harvesters, for our farmers and targeted customers. Furthermore we are currently developing sugarcane farming management system by using information technology and GPS to link and share data between farmers and factory, and that could help farmers to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in selecting sugarcane fields for harvesting.
TRM Cane Harvester

TRM cane harvester is designed and developed based on the characteristics of Thailands sugarcane farming. In order to make it more suitable for small plot farming, it is designed to have smaller body than those harvesters used in other countries. Moreover, most of the harvester parts are manufactured in Thailand, and that could help create competitiveness of TRM Sugarcane Harvester in terms of price and quality.



Model Cummins 6BTA 5.9
Power 152 kw (200 hp) @ 2,500 rpm
Diesel Fuel Tank 200 L.
Hydraulic Oil Tank 160 L.
Consumption Rate 1.2-1.5 L./Ton
Cutting Capability 140-200 Ton/Day

Sugarcane Contamination-removal System

Sugarcane Contamination Control System can separate soil, sand and leaves from cut sugarcanes before sending to sugar production processes. This system can help increase productivity and overall recovery as well as reduce molasses purity, crunching stop and total loss.


    1. To reduce purchasing cost of sugarcane harvesters.
    2. To reduce harvesting time and cost.
    3. To solve the problems of labor shortage and high labour cost.
    4. To reduce contamination to ensure sugarcane quality.
    5. To support non-burning sugarcane harvesting policy to reduce global warming.

Sugarcane Farming Management System

Nowadays information technology (IT) is widely used in all industries. For sugarcane farming, the data of farming such as field selection, harvesting exploration, farm maintenance and productivity measurement are collected and stored in factory database. These data are linked with tablets installed in cane harvesters to enable real-time data or status checking between farmers and factory officers.

    1. To increase the speed and accuracy of sugarcane farming management
    2. Tosolve farming problems and follow up on the result of problem solving.
    3. To increase productivity.

Thai Roong Ruang Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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