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A portion of TRR Groups molasses is sold domestically, and the rest is exported through Thai Roong Ruang Molasses Co., Ltd.


Molasses is a thick syrup by-product from the processing of sugarcane into sugar.  The quality of molasses depends on the varieties of sugar cane, cane growing duration, production process, and method of extraction.

There are three grades of molasses, namely 1. molasses from the first crystallization stage, 2. molasses from the second crystallization stage, and 3. molasses from the third and final crystallization stage.

Molasses from the first boiling and sugar extraction has the highest sugar content because comparatively little sugar has been extracted from the cane juice.  Molasses from the second crystallization stage has a darker color and a lower sugar content.  The third crystallization stage gives blackstrap molasses which contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Blackstrap molasses has a lot of commercial value as it can be used in several industries, such as ethanol production, cattle feed, and for other industrial uses.

The TRR Groups molasses production during the 2007/08 crop was about 600,000 MT.  The Total Sugar as invert (TSAI) is about 50%.  Our molasses are sold in the domestic market and the export market.


Domestic Market
      Molasses for the domestic market is used in various industries, such as liquor distilleries, monosodium glutamate production, ethanol production, animal feed industry and other industries.

Export Market
     Most of the export molasses is shipped to the Asian zone, such as South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.  The normal TSAI is about 50%.  It is used in liquor distilleries, monosodium glutamate production, ethanol production, animal feed industry and general industries.

Thai Roong Ruang Molasses Co., Ltd.

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