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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The TRR Group is committed to corporate social responsibility and has organized a wide range of activities to help society for a long time.  Its CSR projects cover the target groups in many areas in line with its businesses.  CSR is one of the main policies in its operations.   The TRR Group also provides support to both government and private agencies in looking after the quality of life and society, the environment and the education of our youth.
    In line with its commitment to the society and the environment, the TRR Group has devised wide-ranging CSR projects on a continuing basis as follows:
    1.  Participation in community and social development, such as the provision of training for cane growers and communities to encourage the cane growers to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides in their farms and use organic fertilizers instead.
    2.  Preservation of the environment, such as trial use of wind energy and solar energy in dripper systems in place of fuel, and production of biomass power to reduce the use of fossil fuel which is the main cause of global warming.
    3.  Taking good care of its employees, such as the provision of benefits including housing for factory staff, and the hiring of local people which is one way to create jobs in the localities.


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